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TJ Marble & Granite of Northern Michigan separates ourselves from our competition by our attention to detail. We meet our clients at the job site, go over every last detail, and lay things out at time of template so there are no surprises. We cover the little things that salesmen at granite warehouses don’t cover because that is “what we do,” from dishwasher blocks, to sink anchors in the granite to steel supports if needed. People need to know the details of their job so they feel confident in their choice, and we make that happen.

From custom design to material choices to shopping for the best price for your project, TJ Marble & Granite assists you from start to finish. We are able to get the best price for your project. We have many contacts such as builders, designers, and plumbers to help in the different steps if needed.

Contact us today for a FREE quote! You don't have to buy the whole slab; we only charge per square foot. Not all competitors do that!